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Frequently Asked Questions


1.           Who are the authorized pensioners?
A. Retirees – Military personnel who had 20 to 34 yrs maximum active military service or those who retired/separated through Complete Disability Discharge (CDD).
B. Beneficiaries – legal beneficiaries of deceased retired and Killed-in-Action (KIA) active military personnel.
2.           What are the requirements to facilitate my pension claims?
Resumption of Pension –  On the 34th or 35th  month after retirement, the retiree must report in person to Resumption Section, MAU, AFP PGMC with PUF & Bank Acct Nr or submit a PROOF of LIFE (Post Card size Picture holding Current News Paper w/ the film negative) with PUF & Bank Acct Nr.
Transfer of Pension:
·        Notarized Application for Transfer with PUF.
·        Death Certificate (NSO/LCR).
·        NSO Marriage Contract or Birth Certificate.
·        Notarized Authenticated Retirement Order.
·        NSO CRS #5 (Advisory on marriages of the deceased) to be filed at NSO, East Ave., Q.C. (Form to be claimed by PGMC).
Restoration of Pension -    Pensioner to personally appear or submit proof of life to MAU, AFP PGMC.
Replacement of Cancelled Checks
     Pensioner to personally appear or submit proof of life to MAU, AFP PGMC.
Incorporation of Monthly Pension
     Pensioner to personally appear or submit proof of life to MAU, AFP PGMC.
3.           What is the current rate of the AFP Pension?
At present the current rate of the AFP Pension is in line with the EO900 implemented to the Active Service in June 2010. However, it was implemented to the AFP Pensioners effective February 2011.
4.           What is the AFP Pension reason for Disqualifications?
·       Death
·       Loss of Filipino Citizenship (sec 27 PD 1638)
·       Remarriage of Spouse
·       Marriage After Retirement
·       Majority Age (Children/Brothers/Sisters)
·       Conviction of a Crime (principal)
·       Section 8A, RA 340 (except those covered by PD 1044)
5.           What is RA 9225 – Dual Citizenship Act?
RA 9225 or also known as the Dual Citizenship Act allows natural-born citizens of the Philippines who obtained citizenship from other country to retain or re-acquire their Philippine citizenship upon subscribing to an oath of allegiance to the Republic.
In relation to the AFP Pension, concerned AFP Pensioner whose pension was stopped due to the acquisition of foreign citizenship, may re avail their pension, provided that they furnish the Center with the following requirements.
·        Order of approval from Phil Consulate/BID
·        Final Act of Oath of Allegiance from Phil Consulate/BID
·        Certificate of Naturalization issued by Foreign Country